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Cycle. Climb. Trek. We provide the training, safety gear and risk management necessary for you to achieve your goal of pursuing your chosen outdoor discipline. Get in functional shape, build your confidence and leave the gym behind.

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We provide objective human capital management and operational risk management training by applying the high-accountability, no-margin-for-error principles of expedition methodology to sound business models. Learn the key drivers of professional behavior and how to apply results-oriented risk analytics.  Improve your operational risk management and human capital performance with proactive strategies that engage your high-leverage talent. 

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Phil Bailey, Founder

Phil has cycled, climbed and trekked thousands of miles across the U.S. and abroad compiling over 2,000 leadership field days with expedition-based organizations and private guide services. 

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How do you prepare your staff to succeed? To adapt to change? How does your leadership team plan for and react to uncontrolled variables in the workplace? How do you motivate your team to meet strategic objectives? How do you objectively assess your high-leverage talent? How do you quantify competencies and balance against risk exposure?


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