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get serious about managing the people on your team

The high-stakes, high-accountability world of expedition delivery allows no margin for error. When systems fail in the wilderness or on the road, the results can be fatal.  Therefore, competent adventure-based organizations provide in-depth training to combat one primary key variable: human error.

At Functional Adventure Corporate, our unique approach drills down to the core competencies of your human capital and the actual, quantified risk exposure of the enterprise to design objective, measurable strategies to close the deficit between those risks and the collective competency necessary to manage them. 

Your company's products and services depend on people more than process. We don't focus as much on acute risks but rather on isolating and defining sub-acute factors: the drivers of human behavior, professional judgment and decision making, and position-specific performance factors. 

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why our approach works

Expeditions are about managing people under stress just as much as sophisticated logistics and teaching core skills. The root causes for poor decision-making in the field are the same for the corporate environment:

  1. Trying to please others

  2. Trying to adhere to a schedule [or other assumed expectation]

  3. Communication breakdown

  4. Peer/supervisory pressure [real or perceived]

These factors directly impact your team's engagement, motivation, and your risk exposure. At Functional Adventure Corporate, our philosophy is to focus on prevention of potentially negatively impactful events and poor staff culture. The vast majority of negatively impactful events in the workplace are preventable with early recognition and mitigation of key sub-acute root causal factors. Our approach is unbiased, objective and solutions-oriented.  


Expedition Boardroom
Phil Bailey

The no-nonsense
staff training program
that takes on


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Our Approach

No motivational speaking. no group yoga. no team-building games.
just data, agnostic modeling, a proven strategy and real results.


Stage I:
Consult at 'your place'


conference center


virtual visit

When processes breakdown, corporate leaders must respond in costly, often time-consuming ways to reorganize departments and replace staff.

We believe prevention is the most cost-effective solution. We train you and your leadership team with real-time tools to deploy immediately. Learn how to: 

  • Understand the drivers of human behavior and use them to create a positive staff culture and mitigate very costly turnover

  • Develop measurement tools to analyze existing competencies with quantifiable descriptors and track where it needs to be

  • Build a risk matrix to clearly identify risk exposure and describe the operational risks against which you are measuring staff competency

  • Apply motivational strategies to achieve high-level engagement of high-leverage talent toward reaching your company's goals

  • Hire and promote the right people for the right position to mitigate operational risk and decrease budget-draining ramping-up costs

  • Properly develop and ENGAGE staff for high-level performance

Our approach is customizable to your company's industry, size and unique challenges. We won't try to pigeonhole your business into a one-size-fits-all strategy or sell you on one proprietary concept to boost our brand.



Stage II:
at 'our place'


rock wall

cycling the backroads

We design an actual expedition of appropriate scope, objective and location for a higher level of training and assessment. This stage provides much greater scrutiny of your team and allows us to observe the key behaviors from Stage I training.

Possible experiences include:

  • An intentional day of climbing at a local rock wall with key staff or a multi-day climbing camp for the C-suite or board members

  • A facilitated day of cycling with key staff or board members with intentional takeaways and action steps - or an extended cycling tour as a platform for high-level strategic planning with intensive, intentional breakout rides resulting in macro-level decision making

  • An overnight or long weekend in the backcountry with a critical staff cadre or department unit to enforce and apply Stage I concepts

Why is Stage 2 so important?

We find that as much as 80 percent of the information provided in training can be forgotten without critical assessment. An intentionally designed expedition, or cycling in a peer-driven peloton, with clear objectives provides an opportunity to apply the new concepts in a strategic, intentional manner. Stage II improves retention of your staff development efforts and allows you to:

  • Enhance your understanding of behavioral drivers

  • Create intentional natural consequences and enforce accountability

  • Observe how key staff respond to stress

  • Apply new concepts to create a more functional workplace


Read Our
Training Manual

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The blueprint upon which we design our consultations is EXPEDITION BOARDROOM. Now, for the first time, you can get an insider look at our unique approach to human capital management. 

Written by Founder and Corporate Director Phil Bailey, EXPEDITION BOARDROOM is the result of decades of successes and failures leading expeditions and training expedition instructors and guides.  This formative experience was followed by years of consultation with colleges to develop leadership programs and with outdoor industry providers to train field staff, create policy, provide safety audits and incident reviews, and to design programs and risk management strategies.