Backpacking Excursions & Training

Backpacking Excursions & Training

from 150.00

We are fortunate to live in a region with such grand and accessible natural beauty. Let us take you to the places you've always wanted to explore and teach you the skills necessary to pursue enjoyment of the wilderness for a lifetime.

Book as a group and save more. Half-day trips start at $150, with only $50 for each additional person. Full-day trips start at $250, with $100 for each additional person.

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To ensure safety and effectiveness in the backcountry, there are many factors to consider.

At Functional Adventure, we teach our hiking/backpacking clients the following:

  • Planning and preparation 

  • Backcountry essentials

  • Field communications and emergency response plan (ERP)

  • Wilderness medicine and environmental exposure mitigation

  • Preparing for and managing weather extremes

  • Gear procurement and packing

  • Time control plans (TCP)

  • Field navigation with maps and compass

  • Campsite selection, set up, cooking, water sourcing/treating and other camp skills

  • Wilderness survival skills

Please call for overnight rates or customized backpacking options.

General Info

  1. Participants must be 18 years or older.

  2. All of our sessions and outings follow Leave No Trace (LNT) wilderness ethic.

  3. ALL participants must sigh the Functional Adventure, LLC Release of Liability waiver.

Cancellation Policy

All classes are weather permitting. Cancellations due to weather will result in refund or rescheduling. 

Clients who cancel within 48 hours can be rescheduled as capacity allows but will not be refunded.