Feel the wind in your hair! Spin classes are better than nothing, and virtual training is just that -- virtual (psssst… Zwift is a video game). 

Cycling is a fantastic workout that builds cardio capacity, strong legs and a healthy heart. It's also a very social sport that can be great for networking. Cycling is the new golf. 


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Cycling Instruction

At Functional Adventure, we address and correct the following components of safe, effective riding:

  • Selecting the right type of bike and adjusting fit

  • Proper braking and anticipation of braking

  • Road hazards and rules of the road

  • Safely and confidently riding on roads and in traffic

  • Cadence and turnover

  • Developing an efficient and powerful pedal stroke

  • Shifting for efficiency

  • Approaching, ascending and descending gradients

  • Hydration, nutrition and recovery

We also address the following regulations as they pertain to the state in which the client is riding:

  • Equitable laws

  • Statewide uniformity

  • FTR (Far to Right) laws

  • MBL (Mandatory Bike Lane) laws

  • MSU (Mandatory Shoulder Use) laws

  • MSP (Mandatory Side Path) laws

  • TAR (Two-Abreast Riding) laws

  • Bicyclists Impeding Traffic laws

All cycling with Functional Adventure trainers follows prevailing American Bicycle Education Association (ABEA) standards and ethics.

Functional Training

Don't let a perceived lack of fitness stop you. We provide Functional Training specific to cycling and  your fitness level. Our approach includes:

  • Functional Assessment at your home or fitness center

  • Functional Sessions (actual cycling) to establish baselines and gauge improvement

  • Functional Training, at home or in your gym to improve general and sport-specific fitness



  • Half-day (up to 4 hours) or full-day (4 to 8 hours) training options.

  • Custom tours in the U.S. and Europe are available as well. Please contact us for details.

  • Patient instruction with experienced guides

  • We provide tubes, tools and basic mechanical support and training to help you become self sufficient.

  • We educate you on the type of bike to rent or buy, and we can accompany you to the bike shop. (If you have your own bike, your instructor will inspect for safety.)


New England offers fantastic cycling opportunities.  We'll expose you to scenic cycling routes throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Maine.

Custom cycling tours in Spain and Croatia are available as well with FA guides and our international partners. Please call for details.