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Functional Training

Training for performance, not appearance

Every commercial you see for the 'next big thing' in nutritional supplements or home gym equipment always carries the same disclaimer: "Along with diet and exercise, product X can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle."

The common denominator is always diet and exercise, not product X. 

Why is it so hard to follow an effective fitness lifestyle? Because you are not properly incentivized. Humans are not hard-wired for treadmills and spin classes, or moving resistance through a predetermined range of motion on a weight machine. 

Sure, we can maintain that routine for a while, but for what? Just to do better the next time you go to the gym? 

We have a better answer: Functional Training

Phil has more than 20 years of training and management experience in the fitness/wellness industry. He also brings significant experience with sports-specific and injury-recovery training with professional and amateur athletes. Phil's training and certifications include:

  • Certified personal trainer, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

  • Certified clinical fitness specialist, ACSM

  • Group fitness trainer, American Counsel on Exercise (ACE)

  • Functional Training specialist, ACE



We provide Functional Fitness Training for our clients on the platform of the client's chosen outdoor discipline.



Replace your StairMaster or elliptical machine with a trek outdoors across natural terrain.

Rock Climbing

Learn to climb outside on real rock instead of the concrete and molded plastic at indoor climbing gyms. 


Get a low-impact cardio workout that builds stamina and strong legs, and gets you moving fast.

Winter Sports

Don't let the snow stop your routine. Grab snow shoes, a fat bike or a four-season tent to stay outside all winter.


Functional Training FAQs


What is
functional training?

Functional training builds structural integrity and the strength and stamina necessary to pursue an outdoor discipline. We get you into sport-specific shape, build your confidence and expose you to beautiful locations around New England. Our approach includes appropriate risk management training and basic wilderness medical skills. We address whatever is standing between you and your active outdoor lifestyle -- all without a gym or excuses.

What are the
benefits of
functional training?

Why is this approach better? It provides:

  • Real incentives: You are working toward a real measurable objective.

  • Positive feedback: In addition to bio-feedback, we provide Immediate and ongoing encouragement and support.

  • Beautiful, outdoor experiences: Exercise outside, not staring at a monitor or parking lot through a big pane of glass.

  • Technology breaks: Put down your devices. You don't need earphones or a TV monitor to get through these activities. 


What does your functional training program involve?

Our clients come to us with an interest in learning one of our popular outdoor disciplines. During our initial consult, we talk about your goals and what factors may be standing in the way. Our clients may struggle with time constraints, confidence, strength or stamina, training or gear. We design a very intentional strategy to knock down these hurdles.


Let us help you plan the perfect training experience.