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Working with Phil was incredible! He was able to cater our day of climbing to exactly what I was looking for... and more! he walked me through all of the technicalities, including gear and setting up the climbing site. He also was extremely patient and encouraging as I attempted different climbs. Phil is absolutely an educator and did not simply take me out for a day of climbing, but taught me from the ground up about the sport.
— Alison S, rock climbing client

When I first met Phil, we were working on creating academic courses for the Boston University Questrom School of Business. He was extremely generous with his time and demonstrated a great commitment to what was at the time just an idea. In meeting with BUQSB Department Chairpersons, he was able to easily bridge the worlds of outdoor education leadership and higher education, so that they were able to visualize and understand how [Wilderness] Leadership models could help their program and lay the foundation for new programs in the future. His ability to embrace a vision of the future while tempering it with the reality of the logistics of operations sets him apart.

I was searching for resources that provide comprehensive and applicable knowledge about risk and staff management, as these two topics are essentials for me in both of my professional roles...
[With Functional Adventure Corporate] everything is presented in a way that engages you. Everything written and suggested is easily and immediately applicable when and where you need it!
The material leads you through the process from the very beginning, throughout the implementation phase, and has usable tools to keep you on the right track!
I would strongly like to suggest Functional Adventure Corporate to everyone who would like to get a slightly different perspective on the staff and risk management strategies needed in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
— Mladen Hanzir, Owner of Peak & Paddle Croatia and Member of Outward Bound Croatia Safety Committee
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Phil Bailey once again has set the tone for our leadership team to get off on the right foot. His decades of experience working with groups in the field has led to a clear and easily transferable approach to meet teams where they’re at and set them up for success. Phil helped us clarify our motivations, intentions, and goals, so that we could ensure a high level of communication, safety, and stay united during the five-week youth program we were about to lead. He helped us identify which daily structures and tools we could use to help us best serve the youth. As a result of his invaluable training, our team was able to stay on the same page more often, be more collaborative and create a culture of honesty and respect. I’m grateful.
— Arista Holden Trainer, Atlantic Challenge Team USA / Founder, Maritime World Expeditions
When I first had the chance to work with Phil almost a decade ago, I was immediately impressed by his pragmatic, yet engaging, approach to leadership training and staff development. His influence effectively transformed group dynamics for the better, with gains achieved in as little as an afternoon. The concepts and initiatives Phil designed then become the framework and set the bar for how our organization has managed its now industry-renowned training and development programs ever since. With a tremendous ability to engage teams and earn their trust quickly — bolstered by a deep reserve of diverse experiences from which to draw — Phil is able to lead groups through a set of challenges and initiatives, arriving at solutions for their most complex hurdles. With an extraordinary blend of styles and expertise in the areas of leadership training, higher education and wilderness exploration, the team at Functional Adventure provides professional groups with unparalleled learning and growth opportunities. FA Corporate will equip your team with a set of ready-for-immediate-use tools and models that are directly transferable to the oft volatile, uncertain and complex corporate landscape. Your expedition with FA Corporate will result, not only in the indelible experience for your team, but in their recalling the experience, strengthened resolve and furthered effectiveness for years to come.
— Dan Abar, Director of Safety and Programs, Thompson Island Outward Bound