Winter Sports


Don't let winter stop you. We operate year-round. 

The winter months do not feel as long and cold when you're active outside.


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Winter Sports Activities

Snow and colder weather is just an opportunity to cross-train. We provide cross-training instruction working with:

  • Snowshoes

  • Fat bikes

  • Cross country skis

  • Winter hiking and backpacking

It's New England! Learn to embrace it so you're not stuck inside binge watching your favorite shows and eating poorly all winter.  Functional Adventure will make you a four-season athlete

Functional Training for Winter Sports

Don't let a perceived lack of fitness stop you. We provide Functional Training specific to the activity and to your fitness level.

  • Functional Assessment at your home or fitness center

  • Functional Sessions (actual work with chosen activity) to establish baselines and gauge improvement

  • Functional Training, at home or in your gym to improve general and sport-specific fitness



  • Half-day (up to 4 hours) or full-day (4 to 8 hours) training options

  • We provide patient instruction with very experienced guides

  • We can help you select and purchase equipment

Common destinations

We'll expose you to great destinations throughout New England. Our favorite trails include:

  • Fat tire cycling at Bear Brook State Park or Willowdale

  • Hiking and backpacking throughout the White Mountains and western MA

  • Snowshoeing, XC skiing or hiking in parks on the North Shore of MA, Jackson, NH, and Bethel, Maine